St Joseph's Lending Library

We have a wide range of religious books that will stimulate and encourage enquiring minds.

Available for loan to all who are interested - parishes, schools, communities.

MEMBERSHIP  £5 Donation.
This is a once-only donation (if able) when you borrow your first book, and will enable the Library to grow.

Thursday from 10.45 am - 3.00 pm and after the 10.30 am mass on Sunday.

Enquires to Margaret
(0116 235 0826)


BS = Biblical Studies
Es = Eucharist & Spirituality
FC = Fiction
JC = Jesus Christ
JI = Jews & Israel
ME = Marriage & Education
MS = Miscellaneous
PL = Parish & Liturgy
RL = Religion/Law/Society/Politics
SA = Saints
TH = Theology

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