Tributes to Fr David

When Father David died we offered a page on our website where people could post their condolences and memories.  (There was a total of 703 visitors to the page and 36 messages were left.  The last message was posted on the 2nd June 2010 at 7.23 pm.)

Shortly after his funeral we collated the messages into a book and presented them to Fr David's family.

Date:      02/06/2010, 19:23:40
Name:      Pamela Hakutangwi
Parish/Community:      St Peter's Parish, Leicester
Number:      36

i miss you Father David...i cant bring myself to deleting your number from my phone...everyone misses you Father much. i know you're in fantastic place that is indescribable!!! and i'm so happy for you......
please pray for in heavenly peace.....
lots of love and blessings...

Date:      24/04/2010, 06:02:12
Name:      Lisa Booker (nee Everitt)
Number:      35

I have such fond memories of Father David, from his Ordination and many family masses he conducted in various gardens, when I was growing up.
Father David married me at St Joesph's church in 1993 and although I'm no longer married, I remember his service being with fond memories, it was extremely special and personal to both of us and my family.
I remember visiting David in his Parish at Ashby at the time, for pre-marriage counselling. However this was out of the ordinary. David felt as he had never been married before that he couldn't preach to us on this subject, so introduced us to a couple of familes in his community.We spent several Sunday's along with other couples, discussing the principles of marriage and how to make it a happy one. It was quite extraordinary and again a personal and thoughful way to do it.
David also carried out the service when my Mum, Carol died in 2000 at St Thomas Moore's church. This was an amazing service and David persuaded myself and 2 of my 3 Sisters to say something about Mum at the funeral. Even though this was very difficult to do, I'm so glad I did and again remember this sad time with very fond memories.
Everything about David was kind, gentle, personal and with a real sense of love for God.
Although I had not seen David in a long time, I am so pleased I was able to make his funeral, however I didn't get chance to say hello to the brothers
(I wouldn't have remembered who was who!), what an amazing sending off for David, such a heart warming service and the singing was amazing.
Goodbye Father David, hopefully see you again one day.

Date:      16/04/2010, 15:57:42
Name:      Sr. Lynette Rodrgues.
Parish/Community:      Zambia
Number:      34

I remember Fr. David coming to Zambia with Fr. Peter Coyle . It was the same year I was missioned to Zambia. Sometimes when I came with other siters from Sichili to Livingstone, David would take us to the Victoria falls and tell us ghost stories in the moonlight night. I believe he is now a star in the universe enjoying the eternal peace.
I wish peace to David's family and also greetings to Fr. Peter Coyle .
Sr. Lynette
Presentation Sisters

Date:      16/04/2010, 15:11:21
Name:      The John Bradburne Memorial Society
Parish/Community:      (JBMS)
Number:      33

To read about the remarkable life of John Bradburne in whose footsteps Fr David Everitt followed and had a great devotion, please go to the JBMS website on
This has details of the charity set up to raise funds for Mutemwa Settlement in Zimbabwe which cares for leprosy patients, destitute and handicapped.
Fr David lived in the community for several weeks, to serve and minister to the people there

Date:      15/04/2010, 22:05:08
Name:      Mother of Peace Community(UK Charity supporting Zimbabwe)
Parish/Community:      on behalf of the Board of Trustees
Number:      32

We met up only a few times but over the last few years we received a constant flow of letters from Father David enclosing donations to Mother of Peace. His love and devotion both to the children at Mother of Peace and the patients at Mtemwa was so strong that it inspired many people who knew him or heard him speak to want to support the work. David's letters, as he himself, were always a delight and full of warmth and humour. There were often stories associated with the donations that were themselves heartwarming..

It was with great sadness that we heard of David's illness, he will be sorely missed.
It has been a privilege to have known such a kind and compassionate man and to have worked together for a great cause close to all our hearts - albeit for too short a time.
Our prayers and thoughts are with David's family and friends

Date:      15/04/2010, 10:41:09
Name:      John Skinner
Parish/Community:      Hear our Silence
Number:      31

Dear David joined us for a Hear our Silence day: Judith and I at once recognized a man of deep prayer and spirit. We have been friends ever since - learning of his love of all his friends in Zim and his desire to return and be with them.
You will be helping them still - with even more Love.
Fare forward, Great Soul.

Date:      14/04/2010, 16:48:48
Name:      Don Hill
Parish/Community:      Our Lady of Lourdes. Ashby de la Zouch.
Number:      30

I can't match the lovely tributes that have gone before mine. What I can say is that as the Parish Priest at Our Lady of Lourdes. Ashby de la Zouch I found him to be a wonderful, prayerful priest and a loyal and entertaining friend.
God Bless you David and may you rest in peace.

Date:      14/04/2010, 14:09:49
Name:      Mags Wilkinson
Parish/Community:      St Joseph's Children's Liturgy Leader
Number:      29

God Bless you Fr David-such a wonderful man, the Leaders and children of St Joseph's Liturgy will never forget you, rest in heaven now your work done, knowing that we will carry on supporting the Mother of Peace Community even more in your name. Sincere sympathy to all your family, how proud they must be of you. I think one of our children summed you up by calling you Saint David, how close to the truth that is. RIP

Date:      13/04/2010, 20:09:22
Name:      Pamela Hakutangwi
Parish/Community:      St Peter's Parish, Leicester
Number:      28

oh Fr David where do i start? I have so many fond memories of you. You were so loving, caring, considerate, compassionate and of had a great sense of humor...every time you visited us, we felt so much peace in our hearts every time you visited...... you were always a blessing to us.....and any family gatherings we had were incomplete if you were not there... the fond stories you would tell us about your friends in Zimbabwe...your experiences in Zambia..the shona lessons you would have at our home, and the "african" breakfast my mum would cook for you, and you would protest saying "oh Cecilia, i no longer have any room in my tummy for more"....but surprisingly, you would eat it all anyway!!!! (because you didnt want to offend her!); I remember your excitedness when you were preparing to go to Zim; i also remember when you came back you always longed to return there, and couldnt wait....
I remember when you came back from Zimbabwe, you always talked about the lovely friends you had made....
i also remember a sermon that you preached at St Joseph's parish where you told us that everybody is a leper in their own way...whereas your friends in Zimbabwe wore their brokenness on the outside, we wear our brokenness on the inside, i will always that sermon Fr David....
although you will be sadly missed, i know that you are now in a better place....i rejoice because i believe that you are with Him now!
when i heard the news that you had passed away, i remmebr looking up to the sky and saying to myself, Fr David, you are now with the angels...(lucky fish!);
i know that you so much deserve to be with the best!!!; and i bet up there, its much bigger and better than you ever imagined!!!
I know that we dont have to worry about you anymore because you are with God, and Jesus, and Blessed Mary, and all the angels and saints; i bet Fr David, that you've been telling them stories about Zimbabwe, Zambia and all the lovely friends and family that you had!!!!...
...i shall not be saying goodbye to you Father David, I know that we will be meeting again...and this time, i will get an opportunity to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks for everything that you did for me, and my family...I will always cherish your kindness and friendliness and all the love you gave out abundantly to everyone that you met...
i'll be praying that all the good work you started in Zim will be continued....
to Fr David's family and friends, especially those at John Bradburne and Mother of Peace Community in Mutemwa, my deepest condolences.....i know that Fr David loved you deeply and prayed for you constantly..... May God comfort you during this time and grant you His peace and strength Jesus' name, Amen..

Date:      13/04/2010, 18:29:55
Name:      Children of St. Joseph's Leicester.
Parish/Community:      Children's Liturgy memorial card tributes
Number:      27

To Father David,
Thank you for helping all the poorly children. I will miss you.
Dear Father David, we love you so much and it was nice when you were joining us. You are our hero. We will always love you very much.
Dear Father David, have a lovely time in heaven. We love you lots.
To Farfar Daid- thank you.
To Saint David, thank you. I miss you.
Thank you for everything.
To Father David, Thank you for the time you shared with us. We will continue to raise money for Mother of Peace. May you enjoy your time with God and help more people, as you always did when you were here.
Dear Father David, I am very happy that I had the chance to know you, but I am also very sad that you are not here any more.
To Father David, I liked how you cared for people in Africa- Mother of Peace Community. I will miss you.
Dear Father David, hope you see Jesus and God in heaven.
To Father David, thank you for everything. We will miss you.
To Fr.David, have a nice day in heaven.
To Father David,
I am happy I seen you. I am really sad you died with cancer.
Fr. David, we miss you and we are glad that you are with God in HEAVEN!
To Dear Father David, Thank you for sharing your love . We will miss you.
Father David,
Roses are red
violets are blue
we say goodbye
and God loves you.
To Father David,
Thank you, thank you.

Date:      13/04/2010, 17:28:55
Name:      Sister Celestine
Parish/Community:      St. Francisc of Assisi Targoviste Romania
Number:      26

My first memory of David, was his joy at his first meal in St.Mary's in Glossop.Trout, chips, peas and white sauce, with bread and butter; followed by bread and butter pudding. When he heard two women were looking after the presbytery he thought it would be salads and diet food.
As it is said, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Dave and myself got on so well from that day on.
It was a great privilege to have known him and to have had him as my spiritual director. We always looked forward to our times in Wales, where we found our spiritual and physical strength. He was so kind and understanding, so gentle. He was a man of God
He had such love for Mutemwa,and the community there, and never gave up hope of returning. But now he is sharing his reward in Heaven with John.
God Bless you David, I know you are with me. I will never forget you. Thank you for everything.
My love to all the family, I am sorry I cannot be with you at this time. Holy Mass is being said for Dave in England, Romania,Africa, India and Germany. May he rest in peace.
I will be with you all in spirit on Friday evening and Saturday morning. God bless you all.

Date:      12/04/2010, 23:06:56
Name:      Fiona Abdu
Parish/Community:      HCPT helper
Number:      25

I have such fond memories of you in Lourdes, your laid back and openminded approach, like a breath of fresh air. And that fantastic sense of humour which you shared with your brother Alan. My foremost memory of you is not as a priest but as a humble man who through his faith, served humanity. My best wishes to Alan and all the family, you will be greatly missed.

Date:      12/04/2010, 22:20:21
Name:      Cecilia and Kizito Hakutangwi
Parish/Community:      St Joseph's Parish ,Uppingham Road
Number:      24

How biblical Fr David was. On his maiden first trip to Zimbabwe he requested a safe bon voyage by requesting a laying of hands on his head by a few Zimbaweans and how priviledged I was to be one of those . The second laying of hands was by children when he was poorly and at the same time annointed by Fr John.

Patient and humble he was when he undertook several vernacular Shona lessons the language he was to use in Zimbabwe to say Mass from Cecilia. Privileged I was when he prayed for me and laid his hands on my head for a managerial position I had applied for and subsequently got.

Had a glimpse or insight or touch of his holiness when he use to confide in us about how in Zambia north of Zimbabwe he used to find himself expelling the powerful African evil spirits gripping or wrestling with some of his parishners ( to quote his description spirits with strong vibrations comparable to electrical vibrations or shocks on the bodies of the affected). We can go on and on , but suffice to say the Almighty God has found it right to promote you to the next world through death at a most priviledged time EASTER tide. We have come to view death as a promotion. While it was difficult to get hold of you or in touch with you because you were 'There' now everybody can be with you 24/7 the humble and faithful servant of God.

To the family, our thought and prayers are with you all the Everitt family. you have had all along a saint in the making in Father David

Father David Go in Peace
Baba David fambai zvakanaka
Ubaba David hamba khuhle.

Cecilia, Kizito and family

Date:      12/04/2010, 21:44:38
Name:      Simon O'Farrell
Parish/Community:      HCPT Group 142
Number:      23


I have very fond memories of you and the wonderful contribution you made to Group 142. Every time I go to Gavarnie, I can picture you saying mass in the glorious sunshine with the mountains in the background.

You are missed by many members of the group who still talk about you and have many fond memories of you.

On behalf of everyone in Group 142, thank you for all the special times you gave the group and may you rest in peace.

God bless you and keep you in his loving care.

Love from Simon and HCPT Group 142

Date:      12/04/2010, 18:56:21
Name:      BERYL FORD
Parish/Community:      St Gregorys Church Sileby.
Number:      22

sorry father david you didnt get back to your family in zimbabwe but i am sure your family here and there have you in there hearts and prayers.

Date:      12/04/2010, 12:49:54
Name:      Barbara & Patrick McCollum
Parish/Community:      St Gregory's, Sileby
Number:      21

We have only known David since he came to Sileby some two years ago. His love of people was immediately apparent, and his "signed" Masses a wonder to participate in.

His desire to return to Zimbabwe to his beloved orphans and lepers was not to be, but he would wish that desire to be known to them.

David gave us a blessing for our Silver Wedding anniversary -- an experience we still treasure. We delighted in his holiness and his humour!

To all his friends and relations we hope that the pleasure of knowing David shines through present sadness.

Date:      11/04/2010, 18:10:43
Name:      Angelina & Daniel Neal
Number:      20

Thank you Fr. David for your loving kindness you have given to all the children, over the years we shall miss you dearly, but you are now you are with Jesus, but we will always remember you in our prayers.

Our sincere condolences to Fr. David's family and friends.

Date:      11/04/2010, 15:39:40
Name:      Celia Brigstocke
Parish/Community:      John Bradburne Memorial Society
Number:      19

David was a special friend to us and a tremendous supporter of Mutemwa Leprosy Settlement in Zimbabwe, where he stayed in 2008 in order to live in the Community, and savour the holiness of that place. His caring presence was a gift for the people there and his memory lives on in the legacy he has left us. It was his one desire to start a spiritual mission at Mutemwa in honour and respect for the life that John Bradburne lived in complete poverty amongst his friends there. David will always be remembered at Mutemwa for the love he gave his many friends there, and for being such a loving, caring and humble servant of Christ amongst the poor. He will look after us from above.

Date:      10/04/2010, 11:57:27
Name:      Wendy Caddick
Parish/Community:      Reading Vineyard
Number:      18

David touched my heart through Barbara, his great friend, who passed on many of his insights and let me share readings he had sent to her. I met him once briefly, but that was enough to sense his love for humanity and I know he will be missed a great deal - as a friend and as an inspiration to many.
Condolences to all that knew him and loved him.

Date:      10/04/2010, 11:05:11
Name:      Richard and Deborah Griffiths
Parish/Community:      Mortimer West End, Berkshire
Number:      17

Fr David was a very special friend to my mother, Barbara, and we had the honour of meeting him on only a few occasions. It was enough to know that in David's face, eyes and actions, and his very being, was everything that Jesus had come down to earth for. He was a remarkable man, and we can only thank God that David touched so many lives. Although our loss is deep, heaven will be rejoicing that David is now with the Father.

Our very sincere condolances and prayers to his family and many friends.

Date:      09/04/2010, 23:06:27
Name:      Wynn Moran
Parish/Community:      St. Mary's, Glossop
Number:      16

If we are really blessed, we might come to know someone who teaches us the simple, loving, spiritual way to God. We might know a man who shows us how to devote our lives to the service of the poor, the suffering, the harmed even though, in our selfishness, we can never hope truly to emulate him. We might know a man who serves as our priest and preaches forgiveness and walks newly baptised children down the aisle of our church so that we might applaud their welcome into our parish. We might know him as a friend who shares his love of the Rolling Stones, tells us risqué jokes, hugs us, listens to us and seems wonderfully human. These are some of the many blessings that David Everitt brought to me. How I shall miss him!

Date:      09/04/2010, 15:53:01
Name:      Sister Teresa
Parish/Community:      Mickleover
Number:      15

I was fortunate and privileged to work in Glossop with a community of young people in a spirituality project while David was Parish Priest in St. Mary's and have always been grateful for his support, encouragment and spiritual guidance at that time.We remained good friends. His vision of God was 'big' and all embracing and by his prayerfulness and witness he blessed the lives of so many. When later he participated in Weeks of Guided Prayer he continued to touch people's lives with gentleness, sensitivity and healing. I will always remember him as a good and faithful priest and a humble, deeply spiritual,loyal friend. My deepest sympathy to his family whose care he deeply appreciated.

Date:      09/04/2010, 14:13:22
Name:      Mamma Jean and Mamma Stella
Parish/Community:      MOPC Mutemwa Zimbabwe
Number:      14

A tribute to Our beloved Baba from Mamma Jean and Mamma Stella
MOPC Zimbabwe

Gods ways are surely not our ways
We had great hopes and expectations of your stay with us here, and sharing our lives with our orphans. Nevertheless with great gratitude we thank you for the time God allowed you to be with us. We cherish with great love those golden months you spent with us where your heart poured out love in the valley of our two communities.
Father David you showed us love in a way we never experienced. The Mother of Peace and leper communities united in fellowship of love through you.
Remember how you had prayed for 15 years to be able to come to John Bradburns shrine, and you are now with him in Paradise.

Each time we recite the Hail Mary we all raise our hands just as you taught us.
Father David , remember when you blessed ever corner of our community including the dam and our animals,so we could have female dairy cows?
Well there is a bit of an imbalance again. Now, please find St Francis and intensify prayers with him to increase our male dairy cows.

Remember us to Mary Mother of peace, Queen of Mutemwa ,as you enjoy your Golden years of retirement in heaven.
Till we meet again .
We all love you. Jean and Stella, through Gogo Barbara

Date:      09/04/2010, 14:08:36
Name:      Derek and Lise via Gogo Barbara
Parish/Community:      Mother of Peace Community
Number:      13

To Father David Lamb of God tribute

from Derek and Lise Vander Syde. Founders of the Mother of peace community Zimbabwe.

The Lord said to David come follow me now,
I offer you sorrows and hardships in life
So join in my priesthood and give me your vow
Then sharpen your sword blade, and enter the strife.

With muscle and sinew all ready to start,
Young David set forth the great dragon to slay,
For like his own namesake, with fire in his heart,
He had the Lords blessing to take on his way.

From church door to altar where he set his foot,
The flowers grew and blossomed wherever he went.
Whilst seeds of deep faith in the good soil took root,
To mark out the path where he would be sent.

By wood covered valley, where two rivers flow,
Twixt Mutemwa mountain and Chigoma Hill,
Where Lepers and nameless mute steps come and go,
His lifes work of caring ,he came to fulfil.

Yet Davids own calvary was destined elsewhere,
In England a land steeped in old History,
And on Easters Cross , God chose him to share
In Jesus, His Sons Glorious Victory.l

Date:      09/04/2010, 11:27:02
Name:      Rosemary Read
Parish/Community:      St. Joseph's Derby
Number:      12

David was unusual because he was both passionate and gentle. I worked with him when he had responsibility for J&P in the diocese. He was a pleasure to work with, and loved the Zambian connection we set up together. He met my brother when visitng Zimbabwe to see if he could work there with AIDS orphans and my brother heard almost same time I did of David's death which shows how well known he was even after a short visit.

He phoned me last week and I could tell he was very sick but as always he was praising htose caring for him. I will miss his gentle humour and love.

Date:      08/04/2010, 16:03:07
Name:      Barbara Stocker
Parish/Community:      Tadley
Number:      11

A tribute to David.
Hands that were chosen by God, Priestly hands that wore the sacred ring. Hands who through his love of God have shown and given to us who know and love him, the Living Christ, the Jesus of the gospels, and showed us the road to heaven.
Hands that loved and played music and shared so much of his talents with us.
Hands that blessed the sick and the dying and healing hands for the wounded ones. Blessings and healing hands.
Hands that loved children and babies, and hands that baptised them so tenderly.
Hands that held and comforted the little ones and bathed and fed the lepers, the disabled and the unloved.
Hands that held the pen which spoke to us of God and of love.
Hands that loved and held the sacred host and the cup of Christ.
The beloved priest whose life shone out through his ministry of love. David you gave your all for the Lord and now the hands are at rest and peace. But for those of us who knew and loved him we can never forget. My love and deep condolences to all his family and friends.

Date:      07/04/2010, 15:45:04
Name:      Jack Tunnecliff
Parish/Community:      Ilkeston
Number:      10

I met and heard Fr David speak on a few occasions. I was always touched by his friendliness, his caring and considerate side. He spoke very softly but he was strongly passionate about the work he did. He was so humble and he shall be missed.

My thoughts and prayers are with his friends, family, and all those in Zimbabwe.

Date:      07/04/2010, 14:24:51
Name:      Bill & Joy Reilly
Number:      9

Sadly, we never had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Fr David but we have heard so many wonderful things about him, from our friend Barbara who worked with him in the Mother of Peace Community, that it feels as if we have known Fr David a long time. Our thoughts and prayers are with all his family and friends at this very sad time.

Date:      07/04/2010, 14:12:52
Name:      Marie Molloy
Parish/Community:      On behalf of CAFOD Nottingham
Number:      8

Fr David was gentle and kind and so passionate about his beloved Zimbabwe. He was a good friend to CAFOD, spending some time as a volunteer in the office at Rearsby in 2005/6. Our condolences go to Fr David's family and friends. May he rest in peace.

Date:      06/04/2010, 16:30:51
Name:      Mrs Louise Tonks
Number:      7

So sad to hear this news. I knew Father David as a young priest at The Sacred Heart Church in Carlton, Nottingham. He ran the junior SVP of which I was a member aged about 16 or so. He was such a lovely kind and funny man who understood young people so well. We were also blessed with Fr Brendan O'Sullivan as our parish priest at the same time. Both now returned to God. How they will laugh together again. God bless you both.

Date:      06/04/2010, 16:09:49
Name:      Faith,Billy,Grace & Alfie Mitchell
Number:      6

We feel very lucky and so glad that we had the chance to know Fr David, such a lovely, kind man. We will miss him very much but will always remember him. Love to all of his family.

Date:      06/04/2010, 15:45:52
Name:      Sister Margaret and Mother Francis
Parish/Community:      Poor Clare Sisters, formerly Bulwell, Nottingham
Number:      5

We loved our "brother Dave" and we will miss him so much. When he came to visit us he was full of stories of his children and mamas and the lepers. On his first visit when he was supplying in the parish next door he came for lunch - and left in time for the football in the evening. We always called it his "quick lunch!" God rest his dear soul and reward him for his friendship and support for us at this very difficult time in our own lives. He texted Sr. Margaret just recently and sent his love and concern for us. She always called him her "7th brother". We will miss you Dave. We send our love and sympathy to the family at this time.

Date:      06/04/2010, 14:56:40
Name:      Lynn, Children's Liturgy team & children.
Parish/Community:      All at St. Joseph's Children's Liturgy.
Number:      4

Fr David was one of our greatest supporters- Fr John told us he was our number-one fan. Indeed, his love of children and humility before them will never be forgotten. Having already taught us about the children at Mother of Peace, at the beginning of his cancer treatment, it was the children of our Liturgy he asked for a blessing as he knelt before them at the altar in St. Joseph's church. What a lesson! So gentle and kind, so easy to talk to. He taught us the basics of what life was really about- simplicity, loving and serving.
We, leaders and children will never forget him and we will continue to support Mother of Peace. We give thanks for having had him lent to us. We send our prayers for his family.

Date:      06/04/2010, 13:32:53
Name:      Alison and the team
Parish/Community:      Watermead Apostolate
Number:      3

It has been a pleasure and privilege to have known and supported Fr David in his ministry over the past few years and in his memory we shall continue to support the wonderful and inspiring work he introduced us to by the Mother of Peace Community in Zimbabwe. "Fr" Dave will always be remembered with much affection as a gentle, deeply caring, passionate and (of course) fun priest whom we are all the better for having known.

Date:      06/04/2010, 13:27:58
Name:      Pete & Cath Edwards
Number:      2

Cath & I knew him as "our friend Dave"; a friend who will be sadly missed. We loved him and enjoyed his "wicked" sense of humour. We used to lunch at "The Cedars" whenever our mutual friend Fr Frank Higgins was in Leicester. It was always "Moby Dick " fish and chips followed by apple pie with custard & icecream. His work in Zimbabwe culminated his pastoral care; it meant so much to him and we prayed for his return. Our commiserations to the Family.

Date:      06/04/2010, 09:05:55
Name:      David Skilbeck & family
Number:      1

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the Everitt family at this very sad time.
God bless all.

The Skilbeck family

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