Parish Television Project - how it began

   Here at St Joseph's we were one of the first parishes in the Nottingham diocese to have a parish website and the only cost involved has been the time it has taken to build and maintain, as we have been able to source the free websites that BT have made available to charity establishments. The first St Joseph's website was built in 2001 and has since provided a good service to the parish and we know that many friends and former parishioners have also been able to keep in contact with us from around the country and the world.

For several years the Watermead Apostolate, based at St Joseph's, has been contributing music and reflections to Heavens Road FM, the country’s first internet-based Catholic Radio, and through this partnership has come a new possibility - communicating with people through a parish television service, televising and broadcasting all that happens in the church and in the parish. This offered many wonderful opportunities for the parish, especially in the live broadcasting each day of our mass for those at home, no longer able to be with us in person. We would be able to also stream live events direct to our parish website from anywhere (in the world) as they happen - pilgrimages, youth and school events.

Fr John spoke with Bishop Patrick about the possibilities and he encouraged him to involve the parish in the exciting developments now possible.

As our budget was limited and there were various technical problems to overcome we were not able to follow through with Church Services TV as initially hoped - but we found that we could, with the right equipment, broadcast through YouTube - one advantage being that there are no monthly outlays. Also, broadcasting through YouTube means we are are a Christian presence on a platform that can be accessed by all who have either a mobile phone, an ipad or tablet, a computer or a smart television - so there are various possibilities to watch our channel, making us easily accessible.

Our streaming service now offers:

  • daily mass streamed live on the internet
  • events streamed live from anywhere in the parish, in the country, in the world, direct to our YouTube channel - such our a walk with our parish pilgrimages - live from the grotto and Lourdes, St Peter's Square, etc. and school events -
  • special occasions ie Baptisms, Weddings, First Holy Communions streamed live and also recorded for families to share later as a digital recording
  • ability for distant relatives and friends unable to travel to share in a loved one's funeral
  • individuals to personally make and share information in the form of small promotion films about charity work they are involved in, faith and work experience.
  • special services, music concerts, etc.

Now we have started the list can grow and develop dependent on the ideas, needs and creativity within the parish.

Community Web Kit provided free by BT