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Posted by Mervyn & Irene Nora Ind on 21/01/2018

Please pray for my Husband Mervyn that he is restored to full health and mobility and that he stays clear of cancer, and for me thank you and God Bless xxx

Posted by Alan on 14/10/2017   Email

Best wishes to all at St Josephs.

Posted by Ron on 15/04/2017

A blessed and peaceful Easter to everyone!

Posted by Morena Gaud on 10/03/2017   Email

As a child, we often visited and stayed over @ Reasby with Sister Eileen bryn and the late Sister Carmel. I have great memories of Reasby, peaceful place with a lovely old cemetery. Great memories and Blessing to ALL

Posted by Marjan on 09/02/2016   Email

Pray for my brother Hossein Shahkarami, born Sept 8, to regain consciousness after collapsing at end of a marathon and suffering brain damage on Oct 18, 2015. May he be healed body mind and soul. For the sake of his two little daughters, Ava and Leah. Please God grant him second chance to praise and glorify you in life alongside his family. Amen

Posted by David Carthew on 27/05/2015   Email

Please pray for me and my intentions in my head and heart. Thanks

Posted by Ron on 05/04/2015

Christ is risen! A blessed Easter to everyone.

Posted by Ron on 21/04/2014

Happy Easter to all! May The Lord grant us peace and happiness.

Posted by christine on 23/12/2013

Father John Kindly include in your Prayers ,Prayers for the soul of Helen&Edwin Ambata,Darwin Han and all the souls in the purgatory

Posted by Jenny Allan on 10/11/2013   Email

Please pray for Jamie Chilton. After an accident he is in Queens hospital on life support. If he survives he will need prayers for recovery as he has damaged his brain as well as his body Thank you and God Bless you

Posted by Susan Kent on 01/11/2013   Email

My brother is in both of the photograph's from 1961. Rest in Peace Kevin Godwin 2008. You were, and still are loved very much.

Posted by Margaret & Kees de Groot on 31/03/2013   Email

Lovely to see you on here Father John, we are staying in Dunedin for Easter with Brian and reminiscing about old times in New Zealand. We wish you good health an happiness and blessings from us all in New Zealand

Posted by Damien McGarrigle on 24/12/2012   Email

Fr John, Just to wish you all the best for this festive season, we all enjoyed receiving your letter. We are all well and enjoying the season together at yes 45 Pant Rd. Lots of Love Paddy & Jim,Siobhan,Damien and Fiona McGarrigle.

Posted by Jean Rayner on 16/12/2012   Email

I would like to say how much I enjoy reading the Newsletters,and The Lords Day, I almost feel part of the Parish. On the recent Rome Pilgrimage, I feel I have made some very special friends. I would like to request prayers , for all the people I have met during the Pilgrimage, particularly, Fr John, and Alison, who give so much of themselves for others. I wish you all a very happy, peaceful and Holy Christmas x

Posted by Ethna McMahon on 13/06/2012   Email

I would like if someone would kindly tell Terry Devlin whom I met in Lourdes last July that I still think and pray for him. He will remember me as I played the piano in the Solitude hotel and my son said hello to him a few days after I went home. Tell him I am now on dialysis but that doesn't stop me. I went to Lourdes this May and had my dialysis in Lourdes and I did not forget him when I prayed at the Grotto. Thank you Ethna McMahon, Co Tyrone N Ireland.

Posted by Bernard Ratigan on 29/04/2012   Email

Thanks for putting the parish questionnaire on the website. It is very useful. The Happy Lion House project for the children with HIV in Zim. is excellent. Many congratulations. Also, thanks for the music which goes from strength to strength. I especially appreciate the Gospel being greeted with the the Alleluia!

Posted by Alf Lynn ( Brisbane, Aust) on 28/04/2012

G'day from Brisbane. This is a request for prayers for Kelly and her unborn child, to keep them both well so we can come and see them in January 2013. Ta

Posted by Anthony ramsamy on 06/04/2012

Hi i would like to make a request for prayers for Anthony Ramsamy. I ask for Gods blessing during this turbulent time that i am going through. Thanks

Posted by Pauline Dunkley on 14/03/2012   Email

anyone remember me also Paul, Colin and Martyn we left for New Zealand 1974 it was good remembering the church and the church hall where we were married 1957 (now married after 55 years God bless Brian & Pauline

Posted by Jan on 04/12/2011

Please, health, God's blessing and grace of the Holy Spirit needed in an important case for me. Please forgiveness of sins and a happy trip.

Posted by veronica algar on 02/10/2011   Email

I would like to advise that the photo showing Father Leahy and the first holy communion children the date is June 1954 and not 1961. thanking you. Veronica.On the Parish history photos.

Posted by veronica algar on 02/10/2011   Email

My family used to live in Colchester Road before we left for Australia. My mother was Father Leahys first catholic convert. We would like to know what happened to Father Leahy and who was the first parish priest. I think a father Cryan baptised me in the 1940's. Thanking you. 2.10.2011 Melbourne Australia

Posted by Claire Bill on 12/07/2011   Email

I know I am late in leaving a tribute for Father David Everitt but I must tell all how truly inspirational And God centred this man was. He had an air of The divine about him. He helped me spiritually In many ways. His christening services where incredible He would hold the baby up at the end of the service and We would sing 'Here's a child for you o Lord'. He was Full of love for every member of his community And encouraged every one to go on their own Personal journey of faith. We all mourned for a Long time after he left Ashby de la Zouch. He was one in A million. Rest in peace Father D .... You were much loved xxxx

Posted by steve wilkinson on 02/05/2011   Email

Thank you Father John for a wonderful service at our grandaughter Isabella's christening. So many people commented on how welcome they felt and how your explanation of sacrament made them feel involved in everything that was happening.

Posted by Roque and Laura Acosta on 27/04/2011   Email

Hello Father John and the parish of St Josephs, We attended St Josephs up until June 2008, then we moved to USA, where Roque is orignally from. I know you see alot of people Father, but i hope you remember us. We remember you and the wonderful Sunday Masses very fondly and hope to attend Mass when we visit the UK in the summer. We hope you and the parish are keeping well. God Bless you all.

Posted by debbie on 17/03/2011   Email

Lovely website,very warming thank you,god bless

Posted by shaun longley on 19/12/2010   Email

I am hoping to find out if Sister Mary Theresa formerly of St Wilfrids convent in Featherstone is at this convent. My mother Mary Longley, has lost contact details of Sister Mary and would like to make contact before Christmas. I look forward to hearing from someone soon. A Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year to All KInd Regards Shaun Longley

Posted by Angelina Neal on 12/12/2010

Congratulations on the excellent website. Much better, well done to all who have made this work.

Posted by David Edwards on 23/11/2010   Email

Greetings from Wibech-a great website.

Posted by Theresa and Bob Cave on 28/10/2010

Hi Alison - brilliant - very informative and interesting - well done!!

Posted by Mary Finan on 25/10/2010

Well done Alison it is a much better website, congratulations.

Posted by David Skilbeck on 19/10/2010

Superb new website congratulations to all who worked on it, very professional all round.

Posted by Peter Edwards on 18/10/2010

Excellent website - much improved on the previous one. Congratulatons. I appreciate how difficult it has been but it's worth it!

Posted by Julie Roberts on 15/10/2010   Email

what a spectacular website, did you design this just from the BT Community website, we are in the process of changing over too, your website is an inspiration it really shows what a loving and caring parish your are, something we can all aim toward.

Posted by Sean on 10/10/2010


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