Our local Catholic Parishes

There are going to be changes in the make-up of our local parishes and so, although we give our neighbouring parishes below (formerly the parishes of Leicester East Deanery), we are now part of a combined Leicester East and West Deanery. Once the new Pastoral patterns of parishes are know we shall give details on this page.

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St Mary's, South Wigston and
St John Bosco, Eyres Monsell, Leicester

Parish Priest
(Fr Michael Moore)

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Holy Cross Priory, Leicester 

Prior and Parish Priest
Rev David Rocks
Sub-prior and Bursar
Rev Robert Gay

Dominican Community
Rev Gregory Murphy,
Rev Fabian Radcliffe,
Rev Isidore Clarke,

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St Edwards, Aylestone

Parish Priest
Rev George Thomas

Parish Deacon
Rev John Parker


Sacred Heart, Mere Road, Leicester and
St Margaret Mary, Leicester

Parish Priest
Rev Mons John Lally

Parish Deacons
Rev Bill Myers
Rev Seamus O'Looskan

Our Lady of Victories,
Mkt Harborough


Parish Priest
Rev Canon Owen O'Neill

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  St Thomas More, Knighton and
Immaculate Conception, Oadby



Parish Priests
Rev Michael Moore
Rev Kevin Adaide

See parish website for newsletter

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