St Joseph's Church




St. Joseph's Church (above) seats about 400 people and is situated at a busy ring-road junction on the eastern outskirts of the city.


It was designed by Tom Wilson of Oakham in 1967, completed to a surprisingly high standard for the time in 1975 and was the first church in Leicester built according to the liturgical principles confirmed by the Second Vatican Council. Tom Wilson found the design of the church difficult because of the limited space available but was inspired in his sleep one night, woke up saying "I've got it!" and went downstairs to put the design on paper.

The circular building seats some 400 people in both the body of the church and a generous gallery at the 'back' of the building over a narthex and baptistry. The high altar has recently been remodelled on an enlarged dais opposite the gallery.

Our Lady of the Rosary Church





Our Lady of the Rosary Church is on the Netherhall Estate and seats about 150.


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