Fr David Everitt (RIP)

Fr David died on Easter Sunday, 4th April, 2010.

Fr David Everitt grew up in the Leicester parishes of Sacred Heart and St Joseph's and was ordained priest at St Joseph's.

He returned to live in our parish whilst preparing to go to Zimbabwe, where he had been asked to minister to the
Mother of Peace Community, who look after HIV orphans.  The nearby leper colony (founded by John Bradburn) was to also to be part of Fr David's ministry.

Whilst with us in the parish he became friends with both the children and leaders of our Children's Liturgy, inspiring them to fundraise for the children and babies at Mother of Peace.

In 2007 a very joyful parish community "prayed" him on his way to Zimbabwe, where he was to begin laying foundations for his mission.  After his six-month trial period was completed Fr David returned to the parish to continue his fundraising - supported, of course, by many friends in the parish and former parishes where he had served in the
Nottingham Diocese.  It was during this time he was diagnosed with the cancer which was to prevent him going back to the country and people whom he loved.

Once asked which charactor in history did he most admire, he replied "St Francis" - very much reflected in Fr David's own spirituality.  All who knew him loved him, which is evident in the many tributes we received at the time of his death (
read the tributes).

Our children continue to support the Mother of Peace community in memory of Fr David and their progress can be followed on their
own website.  To share some of our parish memories of Fr David click here.

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